The Ventus W830 weather station allows you to monitor your weather remotely as it uploads data to Weather Underground, Weather Cloud and also the UK MetOffice WoW service. Ventus has also added the ability to upload data to the Ecowitt network and your own web server using custom settings. Beware of some very similar looking models that do not include the Internet data upload option.

Everything you need to get started is in the box and the online accounts at Weather Underground, Weather Cloud and MetOffice WoW are all free of charge. Upload to any or all of the services simultaneously. Setup your sensors, console, connect to your home WiFi using the free Apple iOS / Android App and away you go. We've never seen this feature rich technology at this price!!!

The outdoor unit supplement battery power by also using solar power and an internal rechargeable capacitor, meaning that you won't spend time changing batteries every few months. As an extra bonus, this weather station includes a 2 year European warranty as standard.

3Djake is a retail technology product e-commerce platform that sells 3D Printers, nozzles, filament,resin and other tools and accessories. They have a wide range of product and they are open to having affiliate product promoters help drive their brands.

Fitbit is the industry leader, accounting for 72% of the connected health and fitness market and our devices are consistently the #1 selling connected devices on Amazon.

All our products sync wirelessly to Fitbit’s free social and motivational tools, like leaderboards, food logging, Fitbit Challenges, progress charts and more.

Fitbit works on iOS, Windows and Android devices, and our app is the top-downloaded mobile app for connected fitness devices

Our products are built with advanced technology—like Versa, which is designed with continuous, wrist-based heart rate monitoring.

Fitbit cares about its customers and has extremely high customer service ratings.

The Affiliate Program is a performance-based referral program that lets you earn commissions by referring customers to paid and freemium digital content in Windows Store and paid content in the Microsoft Store.

If you are already promoting your own apps and games via your website, ads, banners or blogs, using the Affiliate Program will be easy. In your promotions, simply upgrade the Windows Store URLs to the Affiliate URLs and earn an additional commission every time your customer makes purchases. That includes everything that customer buys during the referral period, not just the content you promoted. These earnings come on top of what you earn from your downloads, in-app purchases, and in-app advertising in your own apps.